Monday, June 14, 2010

Textbook Introductions

For most people, it started with a mouse.

But for me, it all started with a rabbit.

Roger Rabbit that is. I was about three or four years old, going to Magic Kingdom for the first time, and Roger Rabbit was the first character that I met. I was so excited, I practically lept in his arms and yelled at my mom to take a photo. That photo, 21 years later, is framed on the same desk that I'm typing on right now.

Then came the magical year of 1991. Beauty and the Beast was released and it was the first movie I had ever seen in the theater. I remember wearing jean overalls, a pink bow in my hair, and holding the hand of my babysitter Alex. I remember coming home, with stars in my eyes, wanting immediately to see the movie again. The complete magic of the colors and music and love, even in the eyes of 7 year old girl, was one that stood out and will always stick in my memory. Aladdin came as a very close second, filled with that same wonder.

Since then, it's been a magical ride. Countless trips to Disney and Universal Studios, both with family and friends, and now with the person that I love the most in the world. Never afraid of being silly and capturing every moment.

I'm a psychologist, a scientist, and a writer. I was born to observe and solve. But although I'm technical, my mind is almost always lost in the fantasy that are the stories and ideas of imagineers, animators, and all around storytellers. My hope is to tell a story too. But for now, my duty is to share and connect my love and dreams of the theme parks with you: sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, most of the time in all around giddyness...

...but that's the joy of still being a kid right?


Coming up: Chapter 1-Etiquette, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

In other news:

I will let it be known, that for ethical reasons, I do not go or donate to SeaWorld or its affiliates (Discovery Cove, Aquatica, etc.) due to the neurological damage that they proceed to inflict on the animals there. That is my belief. You can disagree if you want, but please respect my decision and honesty. The only times I will talk about SeaWorld, please know that they will not be in a positive light. Thank you!


  1. I'll bite, what neurological damage?

  2. This article pretty much says it all. There are more factors involved of course. If you want to read more, just follow this (let me know if you can't see it):

    Marine mammal research has been my number one study/passion (with writing, second) so I've done research on this since I was really young. Imagine yourself being forced to live in a house the size of a closet. Eventually, you wouldn't be sane. That's what their behaviors are exhibiting.

    Thanks for the inquiry! :)